TAVÉ TUTORIALS: #repurpose #recreate

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I'm not sure videos are such a good idea (for me) but I'm told that consumers like videos. It does resonate though. My personal guilty pleasure is youtube makeup tutorials. When my husband watches sports, I will watch skin care and makeup tutorials. If you haven't, don't! It's a trap!

Here goes nothing... However, I wouldn't describe the experience as "nothing". This first "edition" took HOURS! After you watch, you will realize how truly pathetic that reality is. I bet #georgeclooney (just in case he looks into his #'s and needs some home decor #winkwink) could have shot an entire independent film in the time that video took. Additionally, I bet the #bloopers and #blunders amount to more footage than the entire length of the clip posted below.

Therefore, it is my #hope and #goal that by doing more of these #tavetutorials, they will become less painful for me to make, and in turn for you to view, #nopromises.

These tutorials will bring you helpful styling tips, and ways to recreate some of the items found in each of the subscription deliveries. We can achieve this by simply finding a new use for the product, or maybe a new place within your home. Each subscription box brings with it a different theme, and products will not be similar in any way from the previous shipments. So there will be a lots of #looks to discuss and to #style.

I will also be collaborating with some friends of mine in the Interior Design community, so please stay tuned for posts, video's, product design collaborations and so much more!

In this video I show you just some of the many ways you can utilize the geode decorative accessory beads. These beads are one of the five products that can be found in the Fall "Spice up you Life" Themed Box.

Happy Styling!


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