Spice Up Your Life - What's in the Box?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

To peek or not to peek? As a child did you peek before the Holiday's to find out what you were receiving as gifts? Do you find out the sex of the baby, or did you wait it out? Do you want to know what is going to arrive in your quarterly shipment, or do you trust the process and want to be surprised? Initially, I thought (and I thought that everyone else would think) that it would be fun to see what arrive on their doorstep based on that 12 question quiz. There are so few surprises in life, and while some are unwelcome and terrible (lately)... this would be a good one, right? Well, after some feedback (which is always appreciated, and welcome) I decided to give customers a look inside the box. This is brand new, and I want everyone to trust in the product, as well as in the process. So, over the next three days I will release the items that are in each of the 3 Fall Boxes.

This first theme was centered around Thanksgiving, family gathering and dining. There are items that are focused on getting your table set and beautiful for your family, as well some versatile accessory items which can go from the table, to entry way, and your living room too. Each box will have the same exact items, however each will be catered to the specific Home Decor style of that particular box. You will see how each box differs as I release the items within each "decor style" over the next few days. After the boxes are all released, I will begin to post some videos on social media of how to utilize the items, to show the versatility incorporated within.

The Winter Box will showcase 5 items that are vastly different from the ones which you will see in the Fall Box. Rest assured, you will receive a fresh new theme with each new delivery, each containing different items than you had received in previous shipments.

And now you can take a look at the first box... "Clean + Crisp".


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