Do You Need #SHELP? Fret No More, Simple Styling Steps For Your Shelves

It can be overwhelming staring at a bunch of blank shelves, or an empty mantle not knowing where to begin. I know from experience, when faced with the task of styling my new built-in's some years ago. Over time I've realized it's not as scary as it once seemed. In fact, there are so many creative ways to style your shelves, it can really be a lot of fun!

I'm here to help simplify this process for you. I thought it would be helpful to use a combination of photos I selected as #inspo and label those with the #TAVÉhome style-types to help define each "look". For those whom have not taken TAVÉ's home style quiz yet, and might not be familiar with each of the style type's, I have listed them below.

Serene + Tidy. Monochromatic. Organized Rustic, yet edgy adorned in black rod iron

+ free from clutter. Inspired by natural fibers accents or bright white shabby chic linen.

and laid back luxury. This home decor style mixes and matches

the best with the best... rod iron, reclaimed

wood, and a mix of metals.

Methodically mismatched and beautifully balanced. Warm, cozy, and filled with character. Boutique looks, carefully picked colors and prints working together to tell one incredible story.


Getting right into it... here are some of the general guidelines that I have found helpful when building a look for my shelves.

1. Style & Theme - Pick your overall look/style/theme and stay consistent. If you are #cleanandcrisp and your home decor style is monochromatic, then try not to stray from that theme. Otherwise, the shelf where you went off course might stick out like a sore thumb. On the flip side, If you are #eclecticchic you have a bit more freedom here. However there is still a method to the madness with the eclectic style and this is still a well thought out look.

2. Balance - Before you totally commit to the items you purchase or select for your shelves ... and this is the MOST important rule of thumb (in my opinion, but it's literally the MOST IMPORTANT)! Balance and visual weight need to be evaluated. You don't want to have tiny objects on the bottom, and large on the top... think of it like a pyramid. Larger visual weight should be at the bottom. You could fill the bottom shelves with books, so long as the shelves above it have more open space, smaller objects etc. Another great and easy idea is baskets in the bottom shelves. These are also great to hide and store things you don't want to display.

For your decorative objects, If you have a large vase that takes up a lot of space in an individual self space, the one item will suffice. If you have smaller items, those should be grouped together in multiples.

*Note: Color should feel balanced as well. Take a step back, and evaluate how everything is laid out. If you picked 3 items which are metallic gold, be sure those are staggered in a way that looks/feels balanced and not too heavily placed on one side, left or right, high or low.

inspo photo cred: @joyfulhomebody

inspo photo cred: @the_holiday_hutch

3. Stack & Layer - you can use artwork framed photos or mirrors, but don't be afraid to layer and create some depth and dimension.

Find some books you love, which are visually interesting but also that aesthetically fit with your design style and theme. Stack some up, and place a decorative object on top, or a live (or faux) plant for some color and texture.

Inspo photo cred: @_liveably_staged_