5 Ways to Bring your Home from #Summervibes to #Fallfeels


What better way to transition into a new season than to toss what no longer serves us.  Ditch that pile sitting there collecting dust. If you haven't used it in months, you're not going to use it.  It's also a great time to take inventory of your surroundings.  I don't mean the people... that's another blog, another author :)! Most of us have been stuck in our homes for much longer periods of time than we had ever imagined when the year began.  The majority of us are working from home at least part of the time, and some of us are also helping to educate our children from a common room or makeshift office #sighs. As you take stock of your living area, and items like your desk, office chair, the bar stool in your kitchen, a lamp, area rug, etc. -- ask yourself: do these familiar and functional pieces truly represent who I am?  Am I happy in this space?  If you're content in a clutter-filled office, then you'd be happy in my #hoarders #paradise (I'm a couple weeks late on my own declutter project)! Seriously, though...remove the old, start fresh, and select some items that make you feel like you've re-energized your purpose. @undonehome created this beautiful work space that is serene, bright, and casually chic. For me, it looks like the vacation I never went on with the rattan chair and white finishes. Ashley and Chris do an incredible job and just launched a really cool new business for those that who struggle with hardscape (tile, paint color, fixtures) selection. They have impeccable taste, and I just love checking out their new creative endeavors.

2. Pumpkins!

This seems to have become the quintessential symbol for all things #fall. Just the very sight of a #pumpkin harvests our urge to dive head first into all things "Fall". I remember when my kids were little, I would paint our pumpkins a shiny black lacquer.  I didn't want my kids to interfere with whatever trendy theme I had planned for my table that year. As time wore on, they grew up, and so did I.  My children really wanted to decorate pumpkins with something other than black "poison," and I ultimately decided that I should let them. So now, Mommy has her own pumpkin (hehe)! Oddly enough -- it's a story that's come full circle.  My daughters and son finish carving their pumpkins in about 3 seconds flat, and take one look at the precision (in their minds, the slowness) of my application paint, and move their brushes on over now to "help" me finish.  I do still find that each year there are new color stories with pumpkins, based on the home decor color trends of year/season. Last autumn, it was really neutral with lots of white, ivory and metallic. This year, the pumpkin trend is blue. Being in the design business, I love a good color change. Blue Jarrahdale pumpkins are a pale "Tiffany" shade of blue, and they really are beautiful. The blue pumpkin trend has evolved, too -- most likely based on the 2020 pantone color of the year, which is classic blue. Below is a photo from table top designer @casadeperrin, which I recently featured in marketing materials for my importing business.  These folks did the most gorgeous table setting, featuring these chinoiserie pumpkins by @toddevents.

@casadeperrin THIS is Classic Blue

3. Pillows

I think here are many ways to incorporate small design changes into your home on a budget. It's a quick turnover from one season to the next, but there's a noticeable difference in the vibe (even my husband comments on it, which is remarkable)! Having a monochromatic base (couch, rug, large furniture) is a smart investment. It makes it very easy to then switch out pillows and decorative accessories season to season to transition the look and feel of your home. If you're not quite comfortable with the seasonal selection of these items, you can always try the #TAVÉhome #decorsubscriptionbox #winkwink #shamelessplug. Below is a before and after photo to show Summer to Fall -- just how you can easily change the look of a room.

 They do a great job with finishing touches. Here are some white linen pillows which are a great option for the Spring/Summer months.
@houseofjadeinteriors - Summery fresh white linen
@houseofjadeinteriors - just a dash of spice

4.Finishing touches

This is the icing on the cake. These are affordable items.  As such, they should be quick, easy and interchangeable. You can store them away when one season has ended, and rotate in new pieces that are appropriate for the upcoming one. These "items" are decorative accessories, and include everything from vases to bowls, ceramic balls, trays, faux flowers, faux pumpkins, candle holders, etc. I personally don't like to spend a lot of money here. For those of you who really like an over the top Fall display, there's always a beautiful array of signs, and pumpkins going down the front steps or staged on a porch.  That's an incredible set-up, but I want to let you know that you can change things up in a less complicated way, as well!

@cottonwoodmarketco Simply stated, so well done!