I'm a Mom of three incredible children, and wife to a husband who puts up with me telling him all my (sometimes wild) business ideas while he's trying to sleep each night. Fourteen years ago, after having my son, and leaving a Buying job I loved, I started KJ Designs & Importing. KJD is a direct to Retail Business model, selling direct to major retail companies around the U.S., Europe and Canada. 

Like most of us in the Retail Business, I study buying trends, and could not ignore the statistics. On-line shopping was continuing to grow. Therefore I decided to build a brand catered to Direct to Consumer on-line shopping. I was deliberate throughout the planning process, making sure not compete with my existing Retail Business. I would offer the same beautiful quality Home Textile's + Home Decor products, while taking it a step further by curating these items into a meaningful membership subscription program.  

I have had such a fun time designing this for you, and I really hope you love what I have put together!